Health & Safety Policy

Our Belief :

The Safety and Health of all our employees including supervisor is our prime responsibility.

Our Principles:

* There should not any injuries to the employees and it should be prevented. We all have duty to prevent harm to ourselves and others.

* All the employees and supervisors are responsible for their own health, safety and that of their colleagues, with management accountable.

* Employees engagement and training is essential.

Everyone must be involved in health and safety everyday and have the opportunity to    contribute positively to a safer and healthier workshop. Employees must know how        to keep themselves and those around them safe. They should receive suitable       training on the hazards they face and control measures to be applied.

* Working safely is a condition of employment for all
   A commitment to work safely can only be demonstrated by our action… or inaction.

* Excellence in health and safety drives excellent business results.

Without healthy and safe operations there can be no business.