Future Plans

Future Plans:

1. We at present reinvest all our earnings in our sister organization Adibasi Welfare Trust (AWT) and try to give back the society from where we have earned.

2. AWT is into activities like free healthcare treatment and education, running of ITIs etc.

3. We look forward to be partners of Infrastructural Giants and create new avenues for the people who aspire to develop the society in general.

4. We have welfare plans for our employees. They will be given membership of our society. Their children will be given computer training and their girls will be given training in handicrafts by the Jharkhand Khadhi Gram Udyog , so that they could earn their livelihood. We are also organizing Periodical Health camp for our employees.

5. Future Plans in the pipeline:
– Hospital Services and Management
– Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Consulting and Implementation
– Private Security Services
– Schools/Training Institutes